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We are the UK Theatre Network, founded in 2001 to promote theatre around the UK. We have reviewers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, London and more, attending touring, regional and independent theatre to bring you the experience, highlight the performances, and let you know where to go and see the best in theatre across the UK.

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You’ll find all the news curated from a wide variety of courses online, all neatly published and provided in your inbox if you wish. We also have over 100 reviewers around the country and we are always looking to increase them. There’s just so much theatre out there to tell you about. Every week, we have reviewers going to a local theatre near you, and we hope you’ll find something to entertain you.


We regularly offer some of the hottest tickets in the UK and regions. We partner with two of the best companies in the UK, Ambassadors Theatre Group and Love Theatre, to bring you some of the best choices.